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Manpreet Singh
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It is not a hidden fact that women in society have to face gender injustice at various levels. Be it the independence at home, choice to education, workplace problem, and gender-related crimes, they have always been at the suffering end of the injustice. But will it e right to say that only women are suffering from gender injustice in society? Especially when the gender lines are becoming thinner and thinner under the umbrella terms? This whole gender-related injustice needs to be revisited.
Now when we say that only women have to face gender injustice will be wrong. Men too have to face gender injustice because of the socially mandated gender roles in society. Firstly, they have to go through a lot of mental health issues, because our society mandates that men are not allowed to display their emotions on a regular basis, as they are not females to be displaying the emotions. This has caused a lot of bottled-up emotions in men, leading to many mental health issues. It can also be said to be a direct cause of much domestic violence in homes, as it is the direct result of unresolved emotions. Men have to face many discriminatory laws too. No doubt we have decriminalized section 377 of IPC, but still, the rape laws are discriminatory on the basis of the gender of a person. It completely presupposes that men cannot be a victim of sexual offenses. It has cost a lot of injustice in society, especially when same-sex relationships are on the rise.
Then there are the issues of the discrimination that the transgender community has been facing since historical times. No doubt laws have been passed to improve their situation, but the recent law that was passed has many unconstitutional provisions in it. Transgender is facing hell in jails, where they have to face sexual crimes on a regular basis. Despite recognizing them as a third gender, we still have not make any proper solution regarding their employment, they still have to work as a sex worker. Times have come where we need a complete policy change, we have to make laws keeping in mind the new genders that are emerging, and we have to shed the archaic gender roles.