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First of all, our society doesn’t even acknowledge the mental illness we have. According to many parents, it’s just another form of throwing tantrum or can be easily resolved by sleeping early and getting up early. And when it comes to women and moreover due to gender discrimination, it’s just like a bluff to them. How can a society, who expect women to serve 24×7, can accept the thought that she can also have a mental breakdown leading to momentarily stop talking and thinking and even can be fatal accident sometimes.
However most women will assure that gender discrimination isn’t something part of their life, it’s something which decides their life.
From childhood, they have seen a society which prevent them to go outside, to play, to talk loud and some women even experienced a father who is never happy because maybe he or his family always wanted a boy , not a girl.
By teenage, she learns how gender discrimination works. How a boy must go outside and she has to help in household chores. For the financially unstable family, girls even experience inferiority among education, lifestyle and some even get married.
With already less education and choices, when they ask why can’t they fulfill their families dreams, why can’t she takes over all the duties, the answer remain same.
Because you are a girl.
Being a girl neither allows to make them fulfill their dreams, nor to become eligible to fulfill them.
And among all those disparities when one truly succeed to grow, she faces a whisper among society telling her silently that she must be a slut and achieve her dreams by some wrong deeds as women can’t progress without being dependent on men.
Women have to face the fear of losses, experiences of not being loved, failure to fulfill dreams in their whole life. And even after marriage, whether you are doing right or wrong, a woman has to be someone who has to endure everyone’s curse. Whether it’s in a relationship or in a family, women is the one to be blamed.
And after all of these, they are supposed to lead a normal life! How?
Being pressurized to be a perfect goddess to being afraid to be declared as a slut, she has experienced everything in every step.
Most of the teenager girls are suffering from depression, anxiety and it’s recorded that at least one human is committing suicide in every four minutes and the nonlethal suicide behavior is 40 to 60 percent higher in women than men.
To the society, who address their women as goddess, please go and ask your neighbours. Most of the teenage girls are afraid of being checked out with a guy and most of the married women are only living because of their children . Who knows, maybe you’ll find some women who even tried suicide and cursing their lives now.
Please be with each other and stop behaving with men and women. Let everyone be human.