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Gayatri Somvanshi
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We all know how people often say that boys are fit for engineering and girls are meant for jobs which mainly contain table and chair and anyways the only need to look after children so they don’t need to study so called big measures.
But we often forget that every person has choice and talent and according to which he / she has his own right to pursue the measure.
There is no doubt how sexism is in all the sectors and how post , education , tasks have been sexualized even after how a woman has consistently proved herself that she can’t do better than expected in every field.
We see from culinary to defence women have been enrolled everywhere and I think that’s where it hurts this misogynistic society and they just can’t see women growing as for them women are meant to be at home. We often see how our relatives often tell us that we should choose a field so that it will be easier for us to manage both home and work .
But they forget that we have dreams too.
There are many incidents where women are opposed to having an interest in music , dance and acting. It is said that these fields are not meant for girls of good households.
Even the jobs like chef .They say instead you cook at home. Then there are also airhostess posts often seen as degrading.
It’s sad that many girls need to give up on their choice of careers due to this sexist opinion of society. Society be like you have to complete education and get married that’s it.