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Women, in spite of being not given any reward or credit for the work done still, continues each task and work without any partiality. Women are housewives but with that, they also are holding other positions excluding their home and family. But are they getting credit or are they given that position of being a leader?
No, because people assume men as good leaders and women can’t be. But a large number of nurses, housemaids, cleaners which are very common among women’s job or we can duty, but still in that field also they are not represented as a leader. Their role hasn’t changed any time, in fact, each day their work is more burdened and they do it without any complaints.
Covid 19 pandemic has wholly affected everyone regardless of anything in some or other way but women in the basic example at home still continued to do her work and in fact more than normal days. Many nurses, doctors, helpers, and cleaners in hospitals work each day so that we can all live safely. They can also get infected by this virus and it can also affect them but their families too, but underrepresented in this field too joins the list of other fields where women are not represented actually.
There should be support and their work should be given recognition as they sacrifice and do their work sincerely and that’s all will make them more motivating and loyal towards their work.