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Women are always attached to some fields when it comes to working and earning and men are always having a position of being leader, boss, CEO, etc. If we talk about politics and parliament, we have most men as political heads but not women. This is because of women’s image which has been made back from times in the past.
According to a study by Inter-Parliamentary Union, India is 149th out of 193 countries as of July 2017, in the field of women’s representation in parliament. There can be a lot of reasons for the lack of women in parliament, personal, social, or political. Mainly society, they don’t want women to move ahead of men in anything because they think of women as inferior, less capable, and can’t handle politics. There is also political bias and they also don’t allow women to hold the position even if they have got those seats in parliament because according to them women can’t rule a parliament and they lack somewhere.
So these are some common areas of an issue because of which women are not ahead in politics because of lack of support, lack of opportunities, gender disparity, inequality, etc. It’s not that they don’t have knowledge or skills, because now if we see there are almost every field where women are master in that field, be it corporate job any household chore. We have women Officers, Entrepreneurs, Founders, and many more, but opportunities and exposure are not given and so women lack representation in parliament.
So I can conclude that not because of lack of skills but because of lack of opportunities women are less in politics and parliament. Because men are given more preference than women. And women should be motivated and supported so they receive equality in everything.