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According to me yes, women should give the right to punish their culprit but it is not true in real court decides what punishment the should culprit of the crime gets, sometimes when the culprit gets a very small punishment as compared to the crime that is committed women feel unfair by judgment. When a woman is assaulted and sexually harassed, no one can understand what pain she had to go through and if his culprit gets punishment after years of crime has committed. If a woman will get to punish her culprit it would be satisfying to her soul and she will be free. Men who rape women if that woman gets the chance to punish of death because of the crime he has done which nothing equal to death in front of his family member. At least the court should ask a women’s suggestion if it that makes justice to her. Because sometimes culprit easily gets bail because that person has good connections and is rich. If a woman got a chance to punish her culprit became the reality, then many women who had suffer will come forward and will be will also help to create fear in men before doing anything wrong with women. Because the number of rapes which we hear only has increased in that also very few culprits has receives others are just roaming freely. Every woman has always a sense of fear when she goes out and travels alone. Women in the country do still not feel safe we are in the 21st century but the number of crimes with it just has increased. Why women need to fight for everything or face criticism and men get everything, we need to make punishments stricter for the culprits need to speed up the investigation time.
I hope this reality becomes turns into reality and the women get a chance to do justice with her culprit.