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Manpreet Singh
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In traditional weddings, the bride’s father will lead her down the aisle. If it looks old, and that’s because it is. This practice is referred to as, is that, when a woman, who was considered as owned by her father as her property, he gave it to her in exchange for a dowry. This is an old practice, in developed and in many modern brides are now given freedom, which is of great importance. The couple’s wedding is a token of love and support. In a more progressive way, both parents can lead the bride down the aisle or the bride goes away by itself. A lot of couples these days think carefully about how they want to fulfill the tradition. For many, this is the law of custom.
Indian weddings are very different but still, practices such as kanyadan and bidaai are a traditional way of giving in the bride at a wedding. It’s like gifting away the bride in charity to the groom’s family. It is bad enough that a person has to give up her entire life, to go take care of another family just because she was born female. Men and women are still accepting and treating a woman as an item to be given away which is shameful. Some might argue that the rituals are not meant to treat the woman like property but, as a precious thing of the father, who makes sure her husband takes care of her. But in a marriage, both the partners should take care of each other.
It is time that traditions like these should be questioned in light of the equality of our constitution. Traditions like these give further rise to grave social problems like dowry and bride burning. It is time that we should start treating our women as human beings equal to males. They should be given equal bargaining power at their own wedding.