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Gender Discrimination refers to any instance where a person is denied an opportunity or judged because of their gender. Gender Discrimination is found everywhere and any gender can face it. However, it is mostly faced by women as they’re still seen as the inferior sex and still denied opportunities because others feel they’re not capable.
Often, this leads to the decline of a woman’s mental health. She loses confidence and does not feel she is capable of doing anything.
According to a research study, it was found that gender discrimination and poor mental health could be connected. It found that women who faced gender discrimination were found to have poor mental health and faced depression.
Gender Discrimination also leads to internalized sexism. Women might feel that what they do is incorrect and think that they are inferior and men are in all ways superior. For example: A mother might tell her daughter to act “like a girl”. She might have experienced discrimination earlier and that could be why she has internalized sexism.
If it wasn’t the case and women didn’t face discrimination everyday, the case would be different. But we do not live in that world. We still have to fight the patriarchy and make the world a better place so that discrimination would not exist.
When you uplift a woman, she feels empowered. If we realized and thought before we spoke, it would be good.
People need to realize the impact words have on the growing youth. They might hear what adults say and think that it is the right thing. They might hear something sexist and believe it’s right and pass on their beliefs to others. It’s a never-ending cycle.
Unless we call out sexist behaviour, gender equality can never be achieved.