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Vivek Adatia
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“Are bahu, bs ab jaldi se ek pota dedo”, “hey your biology clock is ticking”, ” Start planning for a baby, it is more important than career”, etc.. etc.. all these dialogues are very common for almost every newly married girl in India. As soon as she gets married the immediate thing happens is that every Dadi and Nani enthusiastically blesses them with the blessings of having a cute little grandson or granddaughter at the earliest. It will be no exaggeration to say that sometimes girl is forced to have a baby by her family members.

For a girl it is no less than a new incarnation in the same life when she gets married. She goes through a lot of, actually a Mall of adaptations and adjustments to get set in the new life altogether. To make is more worse, the hurricane of hormonal changes makes her life go all merry go round. It is very much difficult for any girl to hold herself steady and concentrate on her Career as well during these times, above this, she’s even expected to manage everyone and everything in the new and the existing family too. Apparently it is clear that there’s no room for anything bigger in her life at this time. So it should be very much understood and empathized by everyone if she chooses to plan a baby atleast not any sooner after her marriage.

Though extremely difficult and unimaginable toll inducing, some girls tends to have a heart of a mother at very early stage of their life. They are too enthusiastic and excited to experience the best feeling called motherhood at the earliest. This is their happy choice and there is no argument that is valid if they feel ready themselves to be a mother. Here too, it should be very much understood and empathized by everyone if she chooses to plan a baby sooner after her marriage.

Also in this new millennial’s era it neither requires to be getting married nor to be Pregnant, themselves to have a baby. Either we can adopt a child or have our own biological child even before marriage. This makes very clear that women have their right of choosing their own time and willingness to have a baby in current times.