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Women empowerment only happen when women get to do their education can follow their dreams and be aware of their rights. Women are still paid less they are expected to cook do household duties there is no equality. Some family are still strict about their culture that women are still restricted to wear the clothes of their own choices. Some Parents don’t allow there girls to away from home for studies but other side boys are allowed to go foreign for there studies. Women empowerment is really needed in society and it is important for women self-respect and also society. Women can have equal right to participate in education, economy and politically. They should have right for their education to complete their studies in which they are interested and women should be allowed to go foreign for higher studies like men. There should equality maintain in this terms. Women should get opportunities to be independent and make money by their talent they are capable enough to work hard and can support their family. Sometimes women lose their confidence because of society judgement by saying it that’s not women’s job. Women are still facing violence, abuse something has to done with this. Women should get protection because of such people women are not allowed to stay late outside or do night duties. Women are still can’t be freely while going outside late. Some Women still don’t get family support to achieve there dreams. They ask to leave their home to follow their dreams. Women empowerment only can be seen when there will be equality and thry should be aware about there rights.