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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Every human needs to live the life on their own terms because it is the most basic thing one can have. The humans are categorized into women and men. Looking at physical structures they are a different species altogether, but they possess some commendable skills talent and much more which is not different in both of them rather it is something that can be found better in any human whether a girl or a boy.The gender equality is something that we shouldn’t encourage because equality doesn’t bring justice .Gender justice is the change we need to make in today’s world as every human out there is suffering because of injustice and unfair treatment they are being forced to face. Equality doesn’t guarantee a positive surrounding that we need to have as an important aspect. Justice is the factor that will bring a positive approach in both the genders. All you can do is to make people secure about their jobs by doing justice that is to treat everybody under the same rules and regulations. It’s not about the equality but men and women are created differently and designed for a different work in the world. They don’t need to compared to each other to be a better version. Since a lot of talk has been happened about the gender equality it still doesn’t make sense at so many levels because we need to understand that each human is empowered in their own skills, talents and the behaviour they possess. Apparently the word feminist is in trend which demands equality but the true meaning of the feminist is only that the opportunities, the respect, the space, the pay, and the normalcy around them for going working and doing housework along with having family. It is only we as a society can make a difference by being more normal to every gender doing what they wish to do. Justice is more privileged and secure, rather than fighting against the law of nature because we are born to make a change differently not equally. This needs to be said louder everywhere that ‘ to make a difference according to your energy not equally’,