Era has changed and so the means of communication and the ways of conveying messages. Be it televisions, mobile apps, games, internet surfing, FM or any xyz communication or entertainment channel we prefer or see, everything has one in common; advertisements. Ads are something that owes very much in today’s life. They advertize products, views, opinions and a new wave also. If you consider watching t.v., you may agree that the ads that contribute in between the main course are coming up with some fresh and interesting topics. They might just be filling up the space but somewhere they owe a lot when it comes to a change.

When we talk of women empowerment, what really matter is that a woman should have that urge in herself to excel. She herself should have confidence and optimism. And its no wrong that these day-to-day ads help them to get motivated. There are many advertisements that are coming with good ideas and ways to support their xyz product or anything but giving it a hand of empowering women and making them strong. I will be listing some of these below.

1. Kellogs (eatable)

The new ad of kellogs shows a woman practicing the so named ‘male game’- Cricket. The lady in the advertisement is portrayed strong enough to handle every obstacle physically. It promotes sports and women and encourages them to go for the restricted areas and be an inspiration to the society and other females.


2. Lux (beauty soap)

This ad is a power package of a woman’s beauty. It so firmly draws the elegance and allure of a lady. The whole ad is contributed for regaining and preserving a woman’s natural beauty. This in a way gives every female a thought to love themselves and appreciate their type of beauty.


3. Facebook(social site)

This new and one of the latest ads of facebook, is very interesting and motivating. It showcases a daily journey of a woman who is a hindi language teacher. She is seen roaming here and there, working at school, than doing homely chores along side with her personal hobbies and also practicing yoga for her better health. This is really inspiring for a woman to be versatile and energetic. This gives a good hand to make lady be what she perceives herself in mind.


4. Ghadi (washing powder)

Every time they come up, they have some very fascinating story line of their ads. But here the one I am talking of is very the one that covers a very important and meaningful topic. This maybe a seasonal ad but the message is for the lifetime. I am talking of the one that shows a boy eve-teasing a girl by making her cheeks red with holi colors. The beautiful message is that the color will be washed away but how come the dirt of the stupid boys will go? This in a way gives the females a strong enough idea to handle these situations and also a think upon topic for the boys who feel practicing such thing is cool.


These are some of the advertisements that we see in our daily hours but don’t pay much attention towards them. But it is true that these filler fill something really important and captivating in the time-lapse.

Get motivated!


  1. Aditi Sahu

    A very good take on something that is often overlooked! Media impacts the perception of people in a lot of ways, so it’s quite refreshing to see such progressive portrayal of women in ads. While we are still long way from achieving equal representation of women and men in media, things are slowly changing and giving us the much needed hope.